The benefits of a Business Administration Apprenticeship

So you have recently finished education and you are wondering what do next. You are looking for your first real career building role and you want to make the right call. Have you thought about a Business Administration Apprenticeship? Do you know what a Business Admin even does? Here are some thoughts from a former apprentice on why you should genuinely consider a Business Administration apprenticeship as a way to build a really successful career.

What does a Business Admin do?

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding this job role is that you are just another front liner completing incredibly boring tasks every day. This is just untrue, the fact of the matter is that a Business Admin is a generic term for a person within a business that keeps the day to day running. The reason there is not a more specific name for this job role is because each role is specific to the company that you work for. You might be a Business Admin for a charity, meaning that you ensure that all donations are organised and sent to the right place. Or you might work for a recruitment agency, meaning that you are sorting applicants and matching them with roles that might suit their skillset.

I guess what I am trying to get at is that not all Business Admins do the exact same job, there are actually some really interesting roles out there. For example one of our Business Admin apprentices works for a company that provides the MOD with new technologies and applications.

Where can a Business Administration Apprenticeship take me?

Now here is the important bit. If you start an apprenticeship where can you expect it to take you?  Well, a Business Administration Apprenticeship will actually lead to many more opportunities than you might expect. So here’s the low down, companies who will take on apprentices instead of just recruiting a full time admin are looking to grow their own team member. Meaning that they want someone without experience that they can mould to the ideals of their company. They are also showing from day one that they invest in their staffs ongoing development simply by putting you on an apprenticeship. Now this usually means a couple of things, 1. They are hoping that you can fill a long term role within the business, so are unlikely to kick you to the kerb when you finish, (as an apprenticeship will last at least 12 months). 2. Once you complete your apprenticeship, you may well be able to continue onto the next step in the ladder.

What I mean by this is that an apprenticeship is actually a big investment for a company, they need to put a lot of time and resources into you and therefore will want you to grow within the business. For example we have numerous Business Admin Apprentices who have since gone on to undertake a Team Leader Apprenticeship within the same company.

Rounding up

We have seen so many young people build long term careers starting with a Business Administration Apprenticeship. The advantage you have is that you receive training from provider that you can then use within your role to impress your colleagues and management team. All the while you are not expected to understand your job role and perform your tasks perfectly from day one, as you are an apprentice and are there to learn as you go. An apprenticeship is a perfectly viable alternative to university, it can lead to jobs in management and higher apprenticeships can actually be equivalent to degrees. The difference is, that you obtain these qualifications as part of the company and with a job ready for you to walk back into upon completion.

This supportive atmosphere can give you the platform in which to feel confident and launch yourself into a really successful career. I cannot stress enough how beneficial an apprenticeship can be to a young person, after all it certainly worked for me. This blog is rewritten by a former apprentice and a homeowner when I was 22 years old.

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