Upskill your existing staff

Funding to train your staff

Did you know you can use apprenticeship funding to train your existing staff?

The apprenticeship levy isn’t just about hiring in a new junior staff member.

Government funding is also available for eligible training programmes, covering 95% of the costs.

Use it to develop your team at minimal expense, helping them progress into management roles or even upskilling existing managers.

Upskill and save money

Government estimates suggest we waste £84 billion per year due to poor management. Putting new supervisors or senior managers through government funded training can have a huge impact on a business.

At a time when staff retention could not be more important, why not use this funding to raise aspirations, skill set and enthusiasm of your current team?

We can support you with:

•   Team Leader/Supervisor

•   Associate Project Management

•   Operations/Departmental Management

•   Digital Marketing

•   Business Administration

•   IT – Infrastructure Technician

Say a company recruits a new apprentice, an existing staff member is usually assigned as a mentor or supervisor.

Why not put them on the Team leader/Supervisor qualification at the same time?

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