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Apprentice To Digital Marketing Manager – Rosie’s Apprenticeship Journey.

The last 15 months have been tough, especially for apprentices, due to Coronavirus, lockdowns, and restrictions many have had to adapt to working and learning from home. However, this hasn’t held back Rosie from Fig1 who has recently completed her Level 3 Digital Marketing apprenticeship with a Distinction, and has since been promoted to Digital Marketing Manager! For an insight into a former Digital Marketing Apprentice now Manager’s life, here’s Rosie’s apprenticeship journey from start to finish…

Why did you decide to start a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship?

“I was looking for a job when I finished my degree back in 2020 and found I was really struggling to find jobs – especially having a psychology degree and knowing I wanted to go into content creation and marketing which I had no experience in. Looking back on skills I had picked up I realised I did have the basics and psychology played a huge role in marketing so I decided to apply my current skills into an apprenticeship to boost them – I don’t regret this decision!”

What do you typically get up to day-to-day?

“A typical day for me is extremely varied, I love that it’s constantly changing and I get a lot of freedom in my role to do it my way (I’m the digital marketing manager so I rarely have hiccups with getting sign-offs and hitting deadlines as it is all on me!). Typically I’ll be found holed up in the studio creating content or working on my laptop. My daily jobs include copywriting for the website, loading new products into our system and adding them to our website, creating emails, blogs, and social media content. I’m always looking to learn new skills, at the mo I’m working on video editing – especially creating reels. I also create graphics for the shop and for social media, analysing the results of our campaigns through Google Analytics and other analytics programs and working with our SEO specialist to update our website copy and SEO rankings. Lately, I have also been aiding the buying and attending trade shows with the owners of Fig1.”

What training and support did you receive from Professional Apprenticeships?

“The support was incredible from Professional Apprenticeships, they were always available when needed and aided my learning amazingly. They were amazing when I was searching for an apprenticeship and gave me exceptional support while searching for an apprenticeship and helped me feel comfortable and more confident throughout the process. I can’t thank Yasin enough for his help with my portfolio and exams, his advice has been extremely helpful and aided me in getting a distinction! Andy has been an amazing teacher and I feel like I learned a lot with his support.”

What did you enjoy most about your apprenticeship?

“The chance to be creative and learn through practice without being in as much of a high-pressure environment. I love a bit of pressure when working towards deadlines as I feel it puts me in a creative working headspace; however, whilst learning it was nice to spend more time putting this into practice without as much expectation to get it correct the first time. I also loved the opportunities presented to me within my environment and the support throughout all of my learning.”

Key milestones/accomplishments? 

“Being promoted to digital marketing manager upon finishing my apprenticeship – the realisation really set in when we went to a trade show and my name tag listed me as a digital marketing manager! Other accomplishments include being completely independent when coding the website and creating website copy as well as creating and planning content on my own from start to finish. Learning how to create videos and use Adobe Premiere Pro and Illustrator.”

What are your top tips to help other apprentices prepare for their EPA?  

(EPA stands for End Point Assessment, which takes place at the end of one’s apprenticeship. This is typically a conversation with an examiner, where they ask the apprentice questions to test their knowledge, skills, and behaviours that they should have gained throughout the apprenticeship.)

“Don’t panic! Read over your portfolio and know it like the back of your hand, pick out key aspects you want to tell the examiner and bits that will get you extra brownie points and make sure you mention them. Other than that have a nice chat with your examiner – they’re probably a lovely person who wants you to pass!”

What’s next for your career in marketing?

“More learning, gaining more skills and enhancing what I already know. Learning the buying process with Fig1 and helping them build a bigger following on social media to boost sales. Further in the future I would love to work with Redbull and want to aim my skillset towards that.”

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Written by Charlotte Gazzard
Digital Marketing Assistant

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