Deciding My Future. Apprenticeship or Uni?

About me

I have recently begun my Business Administration apprenticeship at Professional Apprenticeships as an ‘Apprentice Engagement Assistant’. I am really enjoying the fast-paced environment and helping people find their perfect apprenticeship.

I have never been someone who had a set idea on what career path I wanted to take in the future, so Uni never felt like the right option for me. Because of this, during my education, I decided to take subjects that I enjoyed and that I saw myself continuing to enjoy in the future.

During school, I studied practical subjects as this is the way I learn best. This included Engineering and Product Design. I found myself taking subjects that didn’t include many exams and written tasks. I enjoyed practical coursework and presenting my progress in a visual way. Therefore, as an apprenticeship has a similar learning style, I thought this would be the best option for me.

After finishing my GCSEs, I chose to study Business at sixth form. After looking at the course overview I thought it would give me great skills that I could transfer to a business-based role. Some of the modules included adapting the way you speak to interact with different people, how to make changes in what you do to make a positive impact and how to promote and advertise. My role now uses these skills every day!

Tips for finding an apprenticeship

Do you have a part-time job?

Having part-time retail jobs during sixth form really helped me to gain confidence and engage with people. Communication skills are important for any role as you need to be able to work in a team and support your colleagues.

Adapt your CV

Another tip would be adapting your CV to the company and job you are applying for. It shows you have researched into the role and organisation.

Preparation is key

In terms of the interview process, being prepared is key. Practicing answers with family members really helped me to shape my answers and try to stand out from the rest. I would also recommend having questions ready for the employer, this shows how keen you are and your interest in the organisation.

What’s good about an apprenticeship?

One thing I really love about apprenticeships is that you don’t need to have tons of experience to begin one! You feel more comfortable with asking questions about your role and what your organisation is expecting from you. It’s a good stepping stone that helps you build confidence and skills for your future.

My Role

My role now involves a lot of engagement. I am calling and interviewing candidates via Zoom to get to know them and pair them with a suited role. I have made professional relationships with candidates and gained so much confidence doing things I didn’t believe I would be capable of! I have also begun to advise candidates with their CVs and help them make sure their skills and strengths are highlighted as much as possible.

I am determined to help people and get satisfaction knowing I have been involved in helping them take the first step towards their new career!

In terms of my future, I am really excited to have joined the Professional Apprenticeships team at this time. I hope to continue to learn and progress within the company.

If you’re a recent education leaver like Lauren, and after reading this you’re interested in apprenticeships, check out our current vacancies or get in touch by contacting us.  

Written by Lauren Hart
Apprentice Engagement Assistant

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