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5 ways to keep safe this summer. 

From the 12th of April many people felt a sense of normality returning with gyms, shops and pub gardens re-opening. What did you do? I did all three! Its great lockdown restrictions are slowly but surely lifting, but we need to remember Covid hasn’t gone away, so here’s how we can enjoy our summer but also stay safe…

Protect yourself and others by:

  1. Hands – wash hands and use sanitiser where available.
  2. Space – social distance where you can, be mindful people could have been in close contact with the virus.
  3. Face – wear a facemask in places where you can’t socially distance or when you’re with people you don’t usually meet.
  4. Stay outdoors/in well ventilated areas, as it reduces the risk of transmission.
  5. Follow the most up-to-date guidelines and rules – here’s the government’s four-step roadmap, with the aim to get back to normal life:
  • Step 1 – 8th and 29th March: Face-to-face education in schools and colleges from the 8th of March. From the 29th of March outdoor gatherings of either 6 people or 2 households will be allowed.
  • Step 2 – 12th April: From the 12th of April the opening of non-essential retail, indoor leisure facilities, outdoor attractions, hospitality venues serving people outdoors.
  • Step 3 – 17th May: Most legal restrictions on meeting others outdoors will be lifted – however, gatherings over 30 will remain illegal. Indoors the rule of 6 or 2 households will apply.
  • Step 4 – 21st June: The government hopes to be in a position to remove all legal limits on social contact.

Keep up to date on the latest Coronavirus changes and updates here

It’s understandable with all of these changes and lockdown restrictions lifting you may feel anxious, if you’d like to seek advice and support please get in touch with our safeguarding team.

Written by Charlotte Gazzard
Digital Marketing Apprentice

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