Here at Professional Apprenticeships we like to offer the people the chance to show us exactly what they can do. Dylan came to us wanting to enrol onto our new Leadership and Management qualification but having recently finished college he lacked the experience needed. After excelling in his interview, we decided to offer Dylan a week’s work experience to work closely with our team. We soon realised that any experience Dylan lacked he certainly made up for in his enthusiasm to learn and eagerness to explore every aspect of the business and how each area operated, hoping this experience would one day offer him the skillsets to manage his own team.

Dylan Railton

My week with Professional Apprenticeships:

“My time with the guys over at Professional Apprenticeships was a blast. I got to cover and improve a vast range of skills whilst with the team, and I was able to apply knowledge I had, prior to the placement, into a practical setting.

Some of the key tasks I carried out were: Market Research, minuting meetings, handling calls and emails. Following this I proof read through CVs, checking for any potential grammatical or spelling mistakes. I then shadowed the applicant interviews to gain an insight into this vital area of work. Anyone who wants to set up their own business needs to be able to recruit efficiently and effectively to spot the right candidate and by being able to watch how to conduct an interview is a skill I will certainly require in the future. Finally, I helped with general admin work and of course made the odd selection of hot drinks. These tasks were great as they gave me a much needed and wanted insight into the actual workings and various job roles within a business (Not just information from a text book). The various admin roles have confirmed my passion for admin/leadership, and is something I hope to further my development through the magnificent work the team at Professional Apprenticeships do.

Overall, my experience over the week was extremely positive, especially because of the sense of responsibility you get when working on tasks with a team that works closely besides you and it’s not every day that you get the opportunity to work on a one-to-one basis with company directors.”

We currently have a huge pool of amazing applicants who are ready to begin their careers but are being held back due to a lack of experience. Just by offering a young person a week’s work experience it will greatly increase their chances of being able to find their dream apprenticeship vacancy. If you would like to offer one of our apprentices the chance to work within your business then get in contact with us now. The opportunity you offer could be life changing.

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