“My name is Libby Manning and growing up, university was always part of the plan. I spent most of my school years at a private boarding school in the Gloucestershire countryside and university was the norm, everyone went and thought no differently.

However, after completing my GCSE’s, I went to a local college to complete my A-Levels (English Lit, Fine Art and Classical Civilisation as well as a Journalism qualification). I loved college; I loved the change in the environment I was suddenly immersed in. My new friends were different from my boarding school friends, and university was suddenly not the only option. More doors were soon opening; traveling, volunteering, full-time work, and apprenticeships.

It was at this point that I started to question university and whether it really was for me. My initial plan was to work for a year after finishing college (potentially travel) and then go to university to study journalism. However, after working full-time for over a year, a Supervisor at Starbucks, I soon realised that university was not for me at all. I wanted to be working. It was then that I moved to Bristol and started considering digital marketing apprenticeships.


Why digital marketing?

Well, whilst at school and college, I ran my own blog for several years, writing about art, fashion and feminism. As a result, I became more aware of social media and its impact on our society. I’ve always been a creative person who loves art as well as social media, and for me, a digital marketing apprenticeship seemed to be the perfect area for me.

After sending my CV off to Professional Apprenticeships I was quickly contacted by Adam. He was excited to tell me about a specific role they had going: a digital marketing apprenticeship in a yoga studio. I should mention I’m a qualified yoga instructor… I honestly couldn’t believe what I was hearing, the job was perfect, and I never thought in a million years that something this perfect and ideal would come along, and so quickly.

Professional Apprenticeships were amazing. They evidently work hard to match the businesses with their apprentices, making sure both parties get the most out of the apprenticeship scheme as possible. After the interview process, I quickly secured the role and soon enough I could see what was going to happen and where I could be in a few years; without even officially starting.

University isn’t for everyone, and neither are apprenticeships. But for people who like working and want to learn something specific, without the £9000 a year fee, it’s perfect. Earning whilst learning is ideal for me, and for so many others as well. Therefore, my Google search of ‘digital marketing apprenticeships bristol’ turned out to be the best Google search I’ve made this year.”

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