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Digital Marketing – The Essential Skills? 

Irrespective of your job role, you’ve just witnessed the biggest industrial revolution you’re likely to see in your lifetime. We probably haven’t seen the full extent of how Covid19 has changed the global jobs market and how it has changed the way we work. You’re probably wondering just what skills are in-demand to keep you moving forward in your chosen career. If you’re not, you probably should be as there is going to be a rush of people into the job-market as a result of people having to re-asses their digital skills and deciding to enter into the new digital revolution enforced on us by Covid19.

According to research by Microsoft, by 2025 they foresee the creation globally of a staggering 145 million digitally-focused jobs. Microsoft predict that 65% of these jobs will be software developer roles. So what about the digital marketing world? In a study by Postbeyond, who analysed 1,000 current digital marketing job roles, the following digital marketing skills were most in demand:

 1. Analytics 

38% of those 1,000 current job roles wanted applicants to have experience with analytics. Irrespective of the platforms we use to capture those analytics, an understanding of how our marketing is performing is crucial to being a successful marketer. 

 2. Facebook 

The social media platform is currently facing an existential crisis, especially with the impending removal of third-party cookies and app-tracking tools courtesy of Google and Apple, but 36% of current advertised digital marketing job roles are looking for experience in marketing on Facebook. So we can’t afford not to have some Facebook marketing skills.

3. Agile 

The surprise skill that appeared on the list was Agile. Agile is often more associated with software development, but more companies are using it for project managing large campaigns and for managing teams. With the ability to manage remote teams becoming increasing important we can understand why 35% of current digital marketing job adverts were looking for this skill.

 4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

No surprises for this being close to the top of the list. 29% of the current digital marketing job adverts are looking for this skill. Utilising SEO for greater brand awareness through search rankings and understanding just how well our marketing is performing is always going to be crucial to our marketing success.

 5. Ability to utilise…

Cropping up closer to the top 10 of digital skills was an ability to utilise Instagram, Twitter, Photoshop and LinkedIn. Surprisingly, skills such as blogging, photography and TikTok are low-down on the list of must-have skills. If we look at the list of skills, we can see a requirement for handling established platforms and knowledge of hard-skills such as analysing data and managing workflows. 

For a career with longevity we need to ensure we adapt to meet the demands of the jobs market and industry, and adapt to thrive.

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Written by Andy Russell
Lead Tutor

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