At Professional Apprenticeships (PA), we allow all of our apprentices to showcase their wide range of skills. In this particular case one of our apprentices, Tim Steel who is working at Squarebird in Nailsea was not only able to showcase his skills to us but also have a direct impact on PA by completely redesigning our website. 

Once Tim began his Digital Marketing apprenticeship specialising within the area of website design he was assigned his first major job. The task of PA’s brand new website. The pressure was on for Tim but he handled everything effectively and efficiently and the quality of his work never faltered. We met with the Squarebird team to discuss exactly what PA wanted from the website and Tim provided it. Within just a few weeks we received the first draft of our new website and we were absolutely delighted with the standard Tim and the rest of the team had produced. Tim was always on hand, any changes which were needed were implemented immediately.

Our website is now up and running and looking better than ever before. Tim did not want to go down the University route and end up riddled in debt so he decided the apprenticeship route was perfect for him. He has now managed to get into his dream job and he has got a huge career within Web Development in front of him, we’re thrilled we can be a part of his journey and help him continue his development. 

Give us some feedback on the website and tell us how think Tim and the team at Squarebird have done or if you’d like to follow a similar career path to Tim then get in contact with us now. 

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Office Number: 0117 422 4000