A day in the life of a Business Administration Apprentice  

8am – Arriving at work

At 8am I come into the office and log into my emails. As its my role to go through applications, I go through mine and Professional Apprenticeships emails to ensure any urgent queries are forwarded to the right people within the team. Once this is done, I will then transfer my outlook calendar into my handwritten diary. This helps to remind me of what I need to do each day and allows me to add in any additional tasks from my emails.


Once I have a clear idea on the days plan, I will then filter through the applications, picking out the best CVs to progress to the next stage. I look out for CVs that are fully completed with a personal profile that is adapted to the role they are applying for; a cover letter is a bonus! Once this is done, I will text these applicants and let them know I will be giving them a call at some point today.

9am- Team Catch-Up

Every day varies for me but 9am is the time that everyone has now arrived in the office. The day usually begins with a team catch up where we can set a team plan for the day and decide on priorities. This week its National Apprenticeship Week, we have set everyone some social media tasks to do so we can raise as much awareness about apprenticeships as possible!


The rest of the day really depends on what I’ve booked up for myself. This could be anything from the following.

Calling applicants – Telephone screening, giving the candidate a call to ask about the applicants interests and why they have decided to take the apprenticeship route.

Conducting Interviews – Having a 1-1 Zoom interview with the candidate, asking them more in-depth questions to find out about them and their skills. This helps to get a clear idea of what the candidate is looking for and helps us to be able to pair them to their perfect apprenticeship.

Attending careers events – I have now been introduced to careers fairs and classroom apprenticeship chats. This has helped build my confidence so much and is something I enjoy most about my role!

3pm – Summing up the day

I spend the last hour in my day setting up candidates on our CRM system, replying to any new emails, uploading files, or adding candidates’ details to my weekly report. Keeping up with these tasks daily prevents me from having to spend a large amount of time on them on a Friday. It’s also really important as other members of the team may need to access certain files throughout the week.

What I enjoy the most about working for Professional Apprenticeships

What I enjoy most about working for Professional Apprenticeships is the people. My colleagues are so supportive, to me, and the applicants. They genuinely want to help people find their dream apprenticeship. As a team we all motivate each other to hit targets and have regular social events 🙂