5 top tips to help Employers retain an Apprentice.

A regular question that is asked by companies when embarking on employing apprentices is “what’s the chance that they will stay with us after the apprenticeship?” I am pleased that this isn’t normally an issue with Professional Apprenticeships as most employers retain their apprentice after the training is completed, however below are a few things you can do to increase your chances of retaining your apprentice.

1. Support and value your apprentice – by offering regular training, reviews, quality feedback, praise and advice. Talk about their aspirations and career goals to ensure you are on the same page in terms of expectation’s following the apprenticeship.

2. Increase responsibility – Add additional duties and responsibilities regularly as they will keep your apprentice challenged and allow them to grow. One of the most common reasons for apprentices leave their role are a lack of progression/stagnation.

3. Give your Apprentice a pay rise early – Don’t wait until they finish and have potentially searched for other roles, as well as pay potential pay increases in line with performance reviews, a few months before the end of the apprenticeship put their pay up. This will act as an incentive to want to stay and demonstrates that you are appreciative of their hard work.

4. Change your Apprentice’s job title – a few months before they are about to finish their training, drop the apprentice form their job title. This will give them a sense of achievement and progression and often stops them for searching for positions elsewhere.

5. Offer your Apprentice the chance to complete a further Apprenticeship – for example a high level or even management Apprenticeship. This is mutually beneficial as they will continue to gain valuable experience a give more to the business.

Why would you train someone for a competitor’s business? By not doing all you can to train and support your apprentice you may well be doing just that. There are many things that contribute to staff retention including a fun and friendly atmosphere but following these few tips increase your chances. If you would like to find out more about employing an apprentice through professional apprenticeships then give us a call on: 0117 422 4000. Or email: info@professionalapprenticeships.co.uk

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