5 tips on how to support an Apprentice at Christmas.

 Christmas is fast approaching, for a lot of a businesses this can be a busy and stressful time, (irrespective of your faith or background), and for others this is a time to regroup and recharge. Either way the change in pace can be unsettling or confusing to a new or younger apprentice. As an apprentice myself, I can appreciate how communication, planning and fun can ensure that both apprentice and employer will have a very merry Christmas.

1. Time off in December

This is extremely important to mention as early as the apprentices induction. As this might be an apprentices first year in employment, they may have an experience of working over the festive period. Make sure you are clear about opening times, how they can apply for leave and if they need to keep any annual leave back to cover mandatory days off. Finally if the apprentice’s mentor will be on leave, it is important to ensure the apprentice is still supported during this time if they are in the early days of their training.

2. Plan ahead

If your business does get busier, It is likely that as Christmas gets closer and closer you will have less time to spend with your apprentice. It is therefore important that you plan ahead, if you apprentice has a well thought out and discussed task list to work through they will feel more secure. It will also be quicker for you to review their progress and offer feedback.

3. Qualifications and training


As Christmas can also be a quieter time of year for Businesses, this can present an opportunity for additional training and development. After all apprentices are here to learn! This can be a great time to really catch up on their qualification and additionally learn some new skills to help them in their role. They can focus on their apprenticeship qualification and get through a lot of coursework.

4. Keep them included


It’s no coincidence that apprentices that perform best tend to be are those that feel like an important part of the company Therefore if your company has plans for the new year, make sure you communicate this to apprentices and where possible voice their opinion and ideas. After all everyone wants to be part of a company they feel is going places and like to feel, they are a vital part of that machine.

5. Have some fun


Obviously you should be buying your apprentice a massive expensive Christmas present, and I say that without any bias as an apprentice myself! Jokes aside, while Christmas is a busy and stressful time, it is also a great opportunity to have some fun with not just your apprentice but all your staff. Have an awesome Christmas Party, likewise decorating the office and doing charity events like Christmas Jumper Day can be great forms of team building, quite often its during these events that you will get to know your apprentice, and that they will come out of their shell.