Digital Marketer (Level 3)

Apprenticeship Information

This Digital Marketing Apprenticeship is designed to equip Apprentices with the skills, behaviours and knowledge required for the wide ranging and fast-paced Digital Marketing work environment. Due to the diverse roles within the Digital Marketing environment this Apprenticeship is designed to give Apprentices a good understanding of the main principles of Digital Marketing such as SEO techniques, AdWords, Marketing theory, application of Analytics and other crucial skills, before offering training and development within their industry sector.

Professional Apprenticeships has connections with some of the most innovative and dynamic digital marketing companies within the area and we pride ourselves on placing Apprentices in organisations best suited to develop their skills and make a real impact within that organisation.

What Could This Apprenticeship Lead To?

Upon completion of the Digital Marketer Apprenticeship you will able to access a variety of progression opportunities. These include but are not limited to; higher level Digital Marketing training, promotion within your existing employer or a new role in the ever growing world of marketing.

 Digital Marketing Units

  • Principles of Marketing and Evaluation
  • Develop Marketing Metrics and Analytics
  • Principles of Social Media Advertising and Promotion
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Imaging and Video Software
  • This is just few of the many Digital Marketing Units available


  • You must be a minimum of 16 years old 
  • You must hold 5 GCSE’s graded A* to C or 9-5 or Equivalent
  • Have you been a resident in the EU for 3 years?
  • Are you passionate about Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Job Roles

Manage and monitor online communities. Ensure effective customer conversation, communication and engagement is maintained. Coordinate and manage content, use the internet to promote and market, assist in integrating social media platforms.

Work with businesses to promote, utilise and increase presence through social media, creating social media strategies for business.

Conducting and delivering social media related research and insight for clients through a combination of qualitive and quantitative.

Copy writing and media placement, development of social media strategy, relationship management with the media and account management. Timeline and budgetary management.

Monitor social media marketing tactics, maintain corporate blogs, coordinate content management for blogs and online syndication. Research and build social media plans and content management.

Manage the implementation of communication and social media plans whilst maintaining and developing the intermediary marketing database and content management.

Level 4

The Level 4 Apprenticeship assesses learners to ensure they understand digital marketing and its current methodology, practice and tools. The Apprenticeship includes units to cover a range of knowledge and competence skills to fully understand the capability and requirements of Digital Marketing today.

Here is a list of potential roles if you complete a Level 4 in Digital Marketing:

  • Digital marketing (ad / campaign) manager
  • Ecommerce marketing manager
  • Search marketing manager / executive
  • Social media marketing manager
  • Acquisition manager
  • Link builder executive
  • CRM manager
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Potential Future Salary

ICT Field Operations (Line installer and repairer) (Annual)
Customer Service Manager (Annual)
Medical Executive Business Administrator (Annual)
Social Media Consultant &
Community Engagement Officer (Annual)