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Industry Experienced Staff

At Professional Apprenticeships we strive to deliver high-quality apprenticeships in a variety of professional settings; such as Business Admin, IT, Digital Marketing and Customer Service. Our aim is to support you with taking your first steps into your career or searching for a motivated addition to your workplace.


Reshaping the South West

Currently we work with companies throughout the South West of England, however, we are a growing company looking to expand in order to help more aspiring young people and forward-thinking employers. If you’re looking to become or recruit an apprentice, get in touch with us today to see what our apprenticeships can do for you.

Why Choose Professional Apprenticeships?

We pride ourselves on the high-quality service we provide to our customers, whether it’s the young person we are recruiting or the business they will be working in. We place more emphasis on the recruitment and matching process than to ensure that both the young person and business can be sure they find the perfect match.

  • Free recruitment, Vacancy Promotion & Candidate shortlisting
  • Government funded training through numerous good and outstanding training providers
  • Local provider aware of local business needs
  • Opportunities for networking & hospitality
  • Free training consultation – to discuss potential qualifications and training providers
  • No more waiting for applications – directly search our pool of candidates.

There are many misconceptions around apprenticeships. Today young people visualise apprenticeships as a viable alternative to university. Over 8,000 local businesses employ apprentices to further develop their workforce.

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